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About us

The foundation of STEBERG dates back to 1986. At that time, it was founded by Mr and Mrs Bergendi to produce and sell jeans products. Until 2009, the company exclusively engaged in the production and sale of its own products within the EU. However, 2009 was a breakthrough year for the company, at the time the economic crisis raged on the market, but it was accepted as an opportunity for a new line of business in the textile industry. Another company Mgr. Štefan Bergendi - STEBERG, which became a direct importer of fabrics for the production of work clothes from Asia. The rich experience with textiles was quickly reflected in the success of the newly established company, which grew with geometric series. In 2012, the company Mgr. Štefan Bergendi - STEBERG for the company STEBERG s.r.o .. In this period, the company has already developed considerable activities in the field of work, advertising clothing and business activities B2B and B2G. Over time, the company continued to grow along with new business activities. Towels were added to the portfolio and a year later the company was also interested in the defense and rescue industry in which it had considerable success right from the start.

Nowadays STEBERG s.r.o. operates in several areas, which are divided into the divisions themselves:

1.Fabrics for the manufacture of work clothes
2. Working and promotional clothing
3. Jeanswear - since 1986
4. Defense and Rescue Industry
5. Towels
6. Business activities B2B and B2G
STEBERG s.r.o. is a strong and reliable partner in the supply of goods and services to the private as well as public sector and EU projects.