Stretch fabrics


Názov Farba Vlasnosti Gramáž Zloženie Šírka
PARKER 195   STRETCH zdravotníctvo 195 g/m2 55%Bavlna 38%Polyester 2%Lycra 150 cm
PARKER 245   STRETCH zdravotníctvo 245 g/m2 55%Bavlna 38%Polyester 2%Lycra 150 cm
PARKER 260   STRETCH pracovné odevy 260 g/m2 55%Bavlna 38%Polyester 2%Lycra 150 cm
ENZO   Brúsený stretch 270 g/m2 98%Bavlna 2%Lycra 150 cm
LUSTER   Brúsený stretch 240 g/m2 98%Bavlna 2%Lycra 150 cm
SAMBA   Brúsený stretch 200 g/m2 98%Bavlna 2%Lycra 150 cm
Jeans fabrics


Názov Farba Popis Gramáž Zloženie Šírka
DENIM 310   Bez potreby ďalšej úpravy 310 g/m2 55%Bavlan 45%Polyester 160 cm
STRETCH DENIM   20. druhov tkanín 7 - 13 Oz 98%Bavlna 2%Elastan 120-160 cm
DENIM 100% BAVLNA   2. druhy tkanín 11,5 a 14 Oz 100%Bavlna 154 cm
DENIM košelovina   3. druhy tkanín 4,5 - 5 Oz Bavlna, Tencel, Stretch 150 cm
Fabrics on request



STEBERG s.r.o. has unique service on the market called FABRIC LOCATOR which means that the client enters a request for fabric that is not commonly available on the market, and by the 24th hour our client get the required material with the price and delivery term.

For the last 10 years we have 85% success rate of delivery of material using FABRIC LOCATOR. We are pleased with this long-term experience in the field of textiles. We cooperate with well-established vendors throughout the EU.

If your business is having trouble securing special fabrics, do not hesitate and try us out! ...you will be satisfied! :)

As a further service, we are going to offer fabrics according to your specifications at our manufacturer in China. This service is used by companies working on standard contracts and companies that are interested in over-standard material requirements.